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"We translate a client's personal vision into an artistic, functional environment. Our goal is to create a space to fall in love with and look forward to visiting every day."

-Sogol Afsharjavan
Founder and Principal Designer

Sogol Décor is a premier full-service interior design and lifestyle firm specialized in residential and commercial projects based in Miami and the Washington metropolitan area, with our Platform located in Miami’s exclusive South of Fifth neighborhood.

For the past two decades Sogol Afsharjavan and her team have been offering clients an inimitable high-touch service, harmonizing the lines of traditional and modern living to create original schemes with materials of impeccable quality and craftsmanship.

Our mission is to create beautifully-crafted, functional spaces that represent a client’s heart and mind. Be it the creation of an engaging, productive work space, boosting the value of your property for sale or the need to fall in love with your home all over again, Sogol Décor will translate your personal vision into an immersive, functional environment. We focus on the design of cost-effective interiors that combine the client’s personality, an artist’s creativity and the handcrafted touch of local artisans and worldwide brands.


Founder and Principal Designer, Lifestyle Curator


Born in Iran, Sogol Afsharjavan got hooked on design and aesthetics at an early age, watching her grandfather’s work as a design-build architect for projects ranging from family homes to the Grand Palace in Tehran. During that time she developed a passion for image, textures, color and mixing media. In 1979, Sogol moved to Koblenz, Germany, where 11 years of exposure to European art, designs and trends enhanced her interest in interior design and helped shape her individual eye for style.

With Sogol Décor she combines all her lifelong loves into one. Drawing from her multicultural background and a degree in German and French Literature from the University of Maryland, Sogol applies an artful, holistic approach to her work. Her timeless eclecticism and know-how are perfect for steering clients into beautiful, thoughtfully-designed personal creations.

Sogol has established a reputation for infusing every project with unique aesthetics while designing seamless, practical solutions. To ensure the optimal utilization of interiors she engages in the careful planning of all stages: design, budgeting, planning, fabric selection, furniture design and installation. Her vast array of experience reflects into interiors that are accessible and well-defined, with a unique worldly appeal. Clients are motivated to live better, richer lives full of daily inspiration.

"I am proud to be able to pick the best elements of each culture I have experienced to curate a unique taste and style in lifestyle and design."

-Sogol Afsharjavan
Founder and Principal Designer

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